Petar Anderson Share His Story To Raise Awareness About Suicide

Thank you Petar for sharing your story to raise awareness.

1 year ago today I tried to take my own life.

I was drunk and let the thoughts that I have battled all my life take over and win.

I attempted suicide and 5 or 10 extra minutes would have ended my life, I spent the next 3 days in an induced coma while my family worried and wondered if I would wake with brain damage.

I have kept it a bit of a secret over this last year and that’s a problem. This kind of thing always gets swept under the rug for some kind of twisted social uncomfortability , and the issues that cause suicide are just as hidden.

People are starting to talk about mental illness but it still has such a stigma attached to it and this is nothing but detrimental for society and the people directly experiencing it.

Mental health is just as physical as physical health, it is a result of the way our brain is made up, chemicals and electrical connections or how our brain has changed through things like trauma. We all need to actively change the public perception by removing the stigma, and removing the negative perspective of someone who is battling with mental illness. You wouldn’t make someone feel bad for taking medication for diabetes so why when someone needs to take medication for mental health does it suddenly becomes a negative thing and apparently “you don’t need that crap”? Theses are some of the issues we need to work through.

We need to work through these so when someone is losing the battle they can feel comfortable reaching out for help. Too many lives are lost because people couldn’t open their heart to someone and tell them what is truly going on inside their head in an open and honest way.

I am so lucky my amazing wife was there to save me, this last year has arguably been the best year of my life. So much positivity and growth, all experienced with a large loving family who could be mourning the anniversary of my death.

If anyone is struggling with dark thoughts in your head please reach out to me, I will happily share my story with you, my pain and my success. I am a good listener and although I don’t have a degree in psychology I have been battling this for about 23 years and I have some experience that I think can help.

It’s up to all of us to help each other.

P.s I am now feeling good. 1 year with no drink (which was the catalyst), a fantastic new career, a new baby daughter who still has a father, a beautiful growing boy and our own little home and I am more in love with with my amazing wife who saved my life. I believe my medication has helped immensely as has the support of my family whom I love dearly and I am so glad I am still here for them.

Feel free to share.

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